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Welcome to The Happy V

Created by two women, who understand the necessity of embodying what it means to find a sense of self. Two women, who conceptualised the necessity of the The Happy V. Through their ultimate desire to find a tailored (and safe) space, from women who ‘get it'.

This unique sexual exploration platform was created to empower women’s sexual health, well-being and pleasure.

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  A curated marketplace of toys, pleasure products and self-care accessories, where we want you to treat yourself - without the stigma.

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The Journal

Keep Breathing

Imagine Wonder Woman taking a moment to have a puff of her inhaler before she continued flying through the air to save suffering people. Asthma can affect anyone at anytime....

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Sex? Maybe.

Lots of new mums after giving birth think ‘Sex? Sex! I don’t know that I’m ever having sex again — please, just leave my body alone'. 

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Your Body

Featuring carefully selected resources, guides, information pieces and advice — focusing on health and well-being, factual inserts and unique experiences. Delving a little deeper and debunking a few myths along the way.