Sexual accessories, as we call them at The Happy V, can be an important part of individual or partnered sexual experience. As with everything it's important to find what works for you. Here are some guidelines aimed at helping you to try and figure that out.


Lube should be an essential part of any kind of sex.

Natural lubrication is produced by various parts of female genitalia including the walls of the vagina and a small amount from the Bartholin Glands which are found at the entrance of the vagina.

The ability for the body to produce lubrication can change at different stages of life, hormonal cycles, stress levels, and a lack of foreplay or arousal. There are many different reasons you might not feel like you are lubricated enough and most of them are completely normal.

What is certain is that if you are not lubricated enough, engaging in any type of sex is going to hurt! There is no reason to put up with this, just use some lube!

But what kind of lube? Not all lube is created equal and you always need to be informed about anything you put on or into your body. For example, products like Vaseline might seem good because they are slippery and easy to come across, however, they are not easily cleaned off, can lead to infections and react with certain condoms and sex toy materials.

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Sex toys are widely available these days for personal enjoyment. Unfortunately, the industry is only beginning to pay attention to what women want instead of what the designers and manufacturers think women want. This means that you might need to search a little bit harder to discover what works for you.

Here are some tips to help you pick out a sex toy:

  • Make sure you look at what material the toy is made out of and ensure it is body safe.

  • If you are using lube make sure it is appropriate for the material the toy is made out of. For example, silicone lube is not be compatible with silicone toys.

  • Use toys which are appropriate to your personal situation. If you have a small vagina…buy a small toy (a vulva stimulator or small vibrator) which you can have fun with but also won’t be intimidating. If your needs change, move up to a larger or different type of toy.

  • Toys do not have to be a substitute for a penis. There are a variety of toys which focus on female pleasure and have absolutely nothing to do with simulating penetrative intercourse if you don't want them too. For example, there are a variety of toys such as vulva stimulators on the market which focus on clitoral and vulva pleasure.


The Happy V has curated a selection of toys which are intended for all types of bodies.