About Us

What We Do

Created by two women, who understand the necessity of embodying what it means to find a sense of self. Two women, who conceptualised the necessity of the The Happy V. Through their ultimate desire to find a tailored (and safe) space, from women who ‘get it'.

Our Purpose

We are committed to creating a unique sexual exploration platform to empower women’s sexual health, well-being and pleasure.


We will provide information, resources and products which empower women


In everything we do, we will do it honestly


All bodies, identities and experiences are welcome


Provide evidence based information, high quality products and genuine story telling

The Founders

Ally Hensley is a Brit to Bondi convert, women’s writer, speaker, global ambassador and (learning as she goes), advocate for women’s health.

Six years ago, Ally created a national and international organisation, designed to improve the health and well-being for those touched by a unique condition – a condition Ally was born with, resulting in infertility and reproductive developmental issues, triggering two decades of emotional and (sexual) mental health hang-up’s.  

Ally has written for some of Australia’s leading publications on infertility, sexual identity shame, advancements in assisted fertility and has become a regular media interviewee and presenter for the medical community – sharing her experiences as a teenager caught in a medical system without (peer) support or the present day virtual network we have come to rely on so heavily, as she overcame trauma in a bid to connect women to women by an invisible bond.

As a creative and a believer in reducing stigma surrounding sexual (mental) health, Ally felt inspired and passionate to join The Happy V’s campaign – to create a safe space for the taboo conversation starters. Whether you are a senior executive or a twenty-something year old sexual explorer – The Happy V is the go-to platform for the curious introvert.

Ally defines herself as a realistic spiritualist and a scrappy dreamer – where fact is essential and originality is to be absolutely embraced.

Kristy is the curious introvert.

After being diagnosed with MRKH, began years of battling with connection to her body and sexual wellbeing. When she searched for helpful material there was nowhere online which told her unique story and struggles.

A postgraduate degree in Sexology and many hesitations later, she came up with the concept of The Happy V. The Happy V is the resource she wanted when she was a teenager and in her 20's. In the hope that someone might feel a little less different and alone, The Happy V was born.

Two year later (nearly to the day) The Happy V has turned into an a safe place where people can learn, tell their stories and buy a little something for their top drawer.