Ohnut is the first intimate wearable that allows couples to explore comfortable penetration depths. 75% of women will have painful sex in their lifetime, and when penetration can get uncomfortably deep, it’s often unclear why discomfort occurs and especially what to do about it.

Ohnut has partnered with renowned clinicians to design Ohnut, the revolutionary wearable that allows couples to explore enjoyable penetration depths.


Smart, simple, and playful: This comfy wearable is worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner (ex. a shaft or toy) so you can adjust how deep feels good -for both of you.


Special Features

  • Each set contains 4x rings, travel pouch and clever conversation starters
  • Made from super soft and stretchy material
  • You can use with silicone or water-based lubricant
  • FDA approved body-safe material
  • Phthalate, latex and BPA free
  • Dimensions: stretches to 20.3cm, height of the 4 rings measures 7cm tal


Tips & Tricks

  • Ohnut is worn externally at the base of the penetrating partner (eg. shaft or toy) and compresses down to act like a buffer.
  • Each set comes with 4 rings which can be stacked depending on the depth of penetration you desire.