This sexual exploration platform features carefully selected resources, guides and advice — focusing on health and well-being, the facts and unique experiences.

Knowledge is power.

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The Facts

Your guide to the body including important information about how the 'Vs' work and much more.

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Sexual Accesories

Accessorise accessorise accessorise.......even when it comes to the bedroom. Lubricants and toys are essential.

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Sexual Wellbeing

Wellbeing can mean different things from learning how to relax to coping with painful sex. 

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Vaginal Dilation

Lets face it, vaginal dilation can be hard! Lets try and shed some light on this common practice.

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Useful Resources

From books, podcasts, articles there is a lot of information out there. Here is a list of some helpful resources. 

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MRKH & Sexual Wellbeing